Sportsmetrics Knee Injury Prevention Program

We are wrapping up our summer Sportsmetrics Knee Injury Prevention Program at Peak Physical Therapy & Wellness and wanted to share more information about what this program entails and the research that supports its effectiveness in preventing serious knee injuries in young athletes.

What is the Sportsmetrics Knee Injury Prevention Program?

Serious knee injuries sustained by athletes, especially females, during sports participation has reached epidemic proportions. A staggering two thirds of those injuries occur during non-contact incidences such as landing, cutting, or pivoting. The Sportmetrics Knee Injury Prevention Program aims to reduce the rate of these season-ending injuries with a holistic, evidence-based routine.

The Sportsmetrics program was developed by renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Frank Noyes of Cincinnati Sports Medicine. The program consists of a dynamic warm-up, jump training, plyometrics, strength training, sport-specific agility drills, and flexibility. It is typically carried out three times per week for six weeks and each session lasts around one hour.

More specifically, this program focuses on neuromuscular training to help athletes learn how to decrease landing forces, optimize movements, and improve control of both the upper and lower body so that he or she avoids biomechanically unsafe positions that increase the risk of knee injury. Because individual attention and feedback is so important to the success of this program, the student to therapist ratios is kept to 6 to 1 or less. This allows us to provide skilled, compassionate, and customized care for each athlete.

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Who is most appropriate for the Sportsmetrics?

This program is most appropriate for athletes between the ages of 13 and 18 who participate in high impact sports that involve cutting, jumping, and pivoting. These sports include: volleyball, soccer, basketball, and tennis.

Sportsmetrics has been shown to be particularly effective for females as they are 2-10 times more likely to suffer a knee ligament injury than males. In fact, 1 in every 100 high school female athletes suffer a serious knee injury each year in the United States. Females are at a greater risk for serious knee injuries for a variety of factors including: the width of the hips compared to knees (greater Q angle), hamstring weakness, quadricep dominance, joint laxity, and impaired landing mechanics. We are clearly unable to change non-modifiable risk factors like human anatomy; but the Sportsmetrics program can help with areas of muscle imbalance and landing mechanics.

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How effective is the Sportsmetrics?

Data from the Sportsmetrics program has been collected on thousands of athletes for over two decades. There have been several research studies published on this program and the results it yields.

Participation in the Sportsmetrics program has been shown to reduce the rate of non-contact knee injury by as much as 73 percent. It has also shown to enhance vertical jump height by 10 percent, increase hamstring strength by 44 percent, and improve normalized knee separation distance by 33 percent.

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Is Sportsmetrics only designed for injury prevention?

In addition to being an excellent pre-season conditioning and prevention regimen, Sportsmetrics is also a great transitional program for athletes recovering from an ACL reconstruction.

Insurance limitations don’t always allow for the necessary amount of rehabilitation following a ligament repair. This can result in premature discharge from physical therapy and/or a return to sport before a patient meets the objective criteria.

The Sportsmetrics program can help bridge that gap to ensure that those who are recovering from a ligament repair are physiologically and psychologically prepared for high impact activity. It can also help reduce the percentage of re-injury after returning to sport, which can be as high as 30 percent.

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How much does this program cost?

The cost of the six week Sportsmetrics Knee Injury Prevention Program is $200 per athlete. If two siblings sign up together, one sibling will receive a 50 percent discount.

We believe strongly in a low student to trainer ratio and limit our groups to six at a time. The programs are customized to each athlete and we make the training sports-specific. Classes are always led by a licensed physical therapist or physical therapist assistant and we do our best to make the sessions fun for the participants.

Objective measurements are taken at the beginning and end of the program. These data include: video jump analysis, vertical jump distance, single leg stability, and hopping distance. Results are summarized for each athlete at the end of the six weeks so that participants can have the information for their records.

Our next Sportsmetrics Knee Injury Prevention Program begins Monday, September 16th. For more information, give us a call at 877-791-7325 or send us an email at

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